Images of Modern America: The Richmond Crusade for Voters provides a pictorial history of one of the nation’s most influential voter education and voter registration organizations through vintage and contemporary images.  Experience each decade predating the birth of the Crusade’s inception in 1956, and see how the many faces of Jim Crow still exist today. The book provides many instances of the dedication and commitment of the men and women, who helped shape not only Richmond’s politics but also Virginia’s government with the likes of L. Douglas Wilder, Dr. William Ferguson Reid, Chuck Richardson, Ruth Tinsley, and Ethel T. Overby.  Despite efforts to suppress minority voter turnout, the Richmond Crusade for Voters thrived at motivating voters to participate in local, state, and national elections.  In 2016, the Richmond Crusade for Voters celebrated 60 years of empowering and educating voters.  Dr. Kimberly A. Matthews wants her work will bring to light a small portion of the trials and triumphs of the African American experience.  Her goal is to engage and educate a new generation to the sacrifices of our ancestors and to encourage a continued quest for empowerment and equality for all. 


Buzz About The Book

  • Author and Business Coach Elliott Eddie
    I purchased a copy of this book and I Love It! So much history, information and incredible photographs. It's like looking through the lens of a time machine. An extremely well done historic treasure...great job.
    Author and Business Coach Elliott Eddie
  • Karen J. Wells
    My friend is now an "authoress" You better get your copy and learn some history! "The Richmond Crusade For Voters".
    Karen J. Wells
  • Keith Hicks
    Congratulations to you. The book is really nice and informative. I especially love the pictures!
    Keith Hicks
  • Regie D. Ford
    Dr. Matthews, the joy is, you touched someone to pursue their passion, writing. Kimberly your book has inspired many, not just to write but the content opened minds and hearts to the struggle.
    Regie D. Ford
  • Dr. Raymond Pierre Hylton
    Dr. Kimberly A. Matthews, in her work on The Richmond Crusade for Voters, has shed light on a significant part of history which had unfortunately gone under-reported for far too long. In her book, richly illustrated by photographs and political cartoons of the period, Dr. Matthews deftly describes the factors leading to the Richmond Crusade’s foundation, and its profound and continuing and continuing impact.Her’s is a volume of scholarship that faithfully captures the essence of the Crusade’s work through both written and visual imagery, and engages both the researcher and the general public.
    Dr. Raymond Pierre Hylton